About Us
We have a congregation of about 80 adults and children on Sunday mornings.  Most are committed to Christ and using their gifts and abilities to serve him.

We are an EVANGELICAL church which means that we hold firmly to the historic teachings of the Christian faith, particularly the complete reliability and authority of the Bible.  Please read what we believe here.

We are an INDEPENDENT church which means that we are not part of a larger denomination. However, we work with other like-minded evangelical churches and are affiliated to ‘Affinity’, which is a grouping of 1300 Bible-centred churches across the UK.

We are a TEACHING church which means that we believe it is important to learn from the Bible about God and to obey him. Preaching is at the centre of our worship services and the Bible is taught in all of our activities.

We are a MISSION MINDED church which means that we believe the task of the church is to make Jesus known to others.  Therefore, we have an active programme of evangelism as well as an enthusiastic commitment to world mission.

We use a modern version of the Bible in our services and sing a mixture of traditional and modern hymns/songs.
  • Little Hill Church is a registered charity in England and Wales (1138737)
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