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Bereavement and Suffering A Conversation with Jesus on Suffering  -  HELM, David
  A Help In Grief: Coping with the Death of Someone Close  -  EVANS,J./EVANS,E./WEST,P./ANDERSON,C
  A Way with Pain  -  BATCHELOR, Mary
  Beyond the Big C: Hope in the Face of Death  -  MARSHALL, Jeremy
  Beyond the Valley: Finding Hope in Life’s Losses  -  BRANON, Dave
  Broken Works Best: When God Turns Your Pain Into Gain  -  CAMPBELL, Catherine 
  Christians Grieve Too (Pamphlet)  -  HOWARD, Donald
  Dying Well  -  WYATT, John 
  Faith in the Furnace  -  REES, Ian
  Faith That Endures: The Essential Guide to the Persecuted Church  -  BOYD-MACMILLAN, Ronald
  Finding Grace in the Face of Dementia  -  DUNLOP, John
  For All Who Grieve  -  SMITH, Colin S.
  He Will Hold Me Fast: A Journey With Grace Through Cancer  -  DEVER, Connie 
  Healing and Healers Today  -  THOMPSON, Jim 
  How Long, O Lord?: Reflections on Suffering and Evil       -  CARSON, D.A. 
  I Shall Not Die, But Live: Facing Death with Gospel Hope   -  TAYLOR, Douglas
  Invest Your Suffering  -  MALLARDPaul 
  Is God Really in Control?: Trusting God in a World of Hurt  -  BRIDGES, Jerry 
  It Will Be All Right In The Morning  -  PAVEY-SNELL, Rosemary
  My Journey into Alzheimer's Disease  -  DAVIS, Robert
  Refugee Stories: Seven Personal Journeys Behind the Headlines  -  SMITH, Dave
  Sickness and Death in the Christian Family  -  JEFFERY, Peter
  Surprised by Grief: A Journey into Hope      -  FAIR, Janine 
  The Bumps are what you climb on  -  WIERSBE, Warren W.
  The Grace of God and Multiple Sclerosis       -  YATES, Leslie
  The Guide: Christian Comfort  -  ELLSWORTH, Roger
  The Last Valley: A Story of God's Grace in Terminal Illness  -  HEAPS,  Graham
  The Last Valley: A Story of God's Grace in Terminal Illness  -  HEAPS,  Graham
  The Problem of Pain  -  LEWIS, C. S.
  What's the Sense of Suffering?  -  EDWARDS, Brian
  When Heaven is Silent  -  DUNN, Ronald
  When Life Falls Apart     -  WIERSBE, Warren W.
  Where is God in a Coronavirus World?  -  LENNOX, John C.
  Why Are You Downcast O My Soul? One Christian’s Heart Restored     -  COTTRELL, Phil
Bible Acts of the Apostles  -  DYSLEXIA SCRIPTURES
  God Breathed: The Undeniable Power and Reliability of Scripture  -  McDOWELL, Josh
  Letters of the New Testament - Vol 1 (1 Cor - Philemon)  -  DYSLEXIA SCRIPTURES
  Letters of the New Testament - Vol 2 (Heb - Jude)  -  DYSLEXIA SCRIPTURES
  Luke's Gospel  -  GIDEON Large Print
  Luke's Gospel (ESV) - 2 copies  -  DYSLEXIA SCRIPTURES
  Mark's Gospel  -  GIDEON Large Print
  Matthew's Gospel  -  GIDEON Large Print
  Matthew's Gospel  -  DYSLEXIA SCRIPTURES
  Psalms  -  GIDEON Large Print
  The Bible Jesus Read  -  YANCEY, Philip
Bible Studies God's little people: Little people in Paul's letters  -  EDWARDS, Brian
  God's little people: Little women in the Bible  -  EDWARDS, Brian
  God's little people: the apostles of Jesus  -  EDWARDS, Brian
  Introducing the Bible  -  HUGHES, G. & TRAVIS, S.
  Praises for the King of Kings  -  CHANTRY, Walter
  Romans: Momentous News - 50 Undated devotions  -  COOK, David
  The Lord is my Shepherd  -  LION PUBLISHING
Biography 1st Wives’ Club: 21st Century Lessons from the Lives of 16th Century Women  -  HEATH-WHYTE, Clare 
  21 Great Scientists Who Believed the Bible  -  LAMONT, Ann
  50 People Every Christian should Know  -  WIERSBE, Warren W.
  60 Great Founders  -  HANKS, Geoffrey 
  A Chance to Die: The Life and Legacy of Amy Carmichael  -  ELLIOT, Elisabeth
  A Grief Sanctified: Love, Loss and Hope in the Life of Richard Baxter  -  PACKER, J. I.
  A Heart Set Free: The Life of Charles Wesley  -  DALLIMORE, Arnold A.
  A Hundred Houses  -  RAYMENT, Anne 
  A Mighty Fortress is our God: The Story of Martin Luther  -  CROMARTY, Jim
  A Pilgrim Path: John Bunyan's Journey  -  COOK,  Faith
  A Stone Made Smooth  -  WONG, Ming-Dao
  A Tramp finds a Home (2 copies)  -  TEN BOOM, Corrie
  A War of Loves: The Unexpected Story of a Gay Activist Discovering Jesus  -  BENNETT, David
  Abraham Lincoln  -  COLLINS, David
  Adventures of Faith: Reflections on Fifty Years of Christian Service     -  GREEN, Michael
  Amazing Conversions: John Ashworth and his Strange Tales     -  ASHWORTH, John
  Amazing Grace: John Newton’s Story  -  POLLOCK, John
  Amy Carmichael: Beauty for Ashes-A Biography  -  MURRAY, Iain H.
  An Invasion of Privacy: God Turns the Tables on a Fleet Street Hack  -  LOVELL, Terry 
  An Irregular Candidate: Jackie Ross of Blythswood  -  HOWAT, Irene
  An Open Door: A True Stroy of Courage in the Congo  -  KELLER, Maud (with Jean Gibson)
  And So I Began to Read   -  COOK, Faith 
  Anne Boleyn   -  HAMER Colin 
  Betrayed!  -  TELCHIN, Stan
  Bishop J.C.Ryle: Prince of Tract Writers  -  MUNDEN, Alan
  Bitter…Sweet: The Fred Lemon Story  -  TYLER, Anne
  Breakout: A violent criminal finds Christ  -  KNOWLTON, Gladys
  C. T. Studd and Priscilla  -  VINCENT, Eileen
  C. T. Studd: Cricketer and Pioneer  -  GRUBB, Norman
  C.S.Lewis: Clarity and Confusion  -  WHEELER, Andrew 
  Chains of Grace   -  JEFFERY, Peter 
  Charles Hodge  -  FORTSON 111, S.Donald
  Charles Simeon: An Ordinary Pastor of Extraordinary Influence (2 copies)  -  PRIME, Derek 
  Charles Simeon: Pastor of a Generation  -  MOULE, Handley
  Child of the Covenant  -  GUINNESS, Michele
  Chinese Whispers: The Gladys Aylward Story  -  PURVES, Carol
  Chosen by God  -  LLOYD-JONES, D.M.
  Christ or Hitler?  -  PURITZ, Christian
  Christian Hymn-Writers  -  HOUGHTON, Elsie
  Christmas Evans  -  SHENTON, Tim
  Contending for the Faith  -  FOUNTAIN, David G.
  Corrie Ten Boom: Faith in Dark Places   -  SHAW, Sue
  Courage to Dream…the Impossible Becomes Reality  -  MARTIN, Coralita 
  D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones: The First Forty Years (1899-1939)  -  MURRAY, Iain H.
  David Brainerd: A Flame for God  -  VANCE Christie
  Death of a Guru  -  MAHARAJ, Rabindranath R.
  Digging Ditches  -  ROSEVEARE, Helen
  Don’t Let The Goats Eat The Loquat Trees  -  HALE, Thomas 
  Dr Dobson: Turning Hearts Towards Home  -  ZETTERSTEN, Rolf
  Drops from a Leaking Tap  -  VERWER George
  Each to Her Post  -  THOMPSON, Phyllis
  Edith Cavell: Faith Before the Firing Squad  -  BUTCHER, Catherine
  Elizabeth Prentiss:‘More Love to Thee’      -  JAMES, Sharon
  Eric Liddell: Running for God  -  SHAW, Sue
  Ernest Kevan: Leader in 20th Century British Evangelicalism   -  BROWN, Paul E.
  Every One a Winner  -  CARSWELL, Jonathan/NEWRICK Emma 
  Evidence not Seen  -  DEIBLER ROSE, Darlene
  Eyes Turned Skyward      -  MEYERS, Max
  F.B.Meyer – If I Had a Hundred Lives  -  HOLMAN Bob
  Fanny Crosby: The Sightless Songstress  -  CASSWELL, J.Reginald
  Far Above Rubies: The Life of Bethan Lloyd-Jones  -  CLARK, Lynette.G. 
  Far from Rome, Near to God  -  BENNET, Richard and BUCKINGHAM, Martin (eds)
  Fearless Pilgrim: The Life and Times of John Bunyan  -  COOK, Faith
  Fine Gold from Yorkshire  -  COOK, Faith
  Fistful of Heroes: Christians at the Forefront of Change  -  POLLOCK, John
  Five English Reformers  -  RYLE, J. C.
  Five Minutes to Midnight  -  JENKINS, T. Omri
  Fool and Fanatic?  -  WALKER, Jean
  For the love of India: The Story of Henry Martyn  -  CROMARTY, Jim
  Francis Schaeffer (Bitesize Biographies)       -  ROBERTS, Mostyn 
  Francis Schaeffer: The Man and His Message  -  PARKHURST L.G.
  Friend of the Chiefs: The Story of Iris Moffat  -  CLINTON, Iris
  From Prussia with Love: The George Muller Story  -  PURVES, Carol
  Genius, Grief and Grace     -  DAVIES, Gaius
  George Mueller: Young Rebel in Bristol  -  BAILEY, Faith Coxe
  George Washington  -  CAMP, Norma Cournow
  George Whitefield  -  DALLIMORE, Arnold A.
  George Whitfield: and the Great Awakening  -  POLLOCK, John
  George Whitfield: The First Transatlantic Revivalist  -  SCOTLAND, Nigel
  Give Me this Mountain  -  ROSEVEARE, Helen
  God’s Man in Moldova  -  BIRNIE John
  God’s Secret Listener: The Albanian Army Captain Who Risked Everything    -  BUTTERWORTH, John 
  God's Outlaw  -  EDWARDS, Brian H.
  God's Outlaw: The Story of William Tyndale and the English Bible  -  EDWARDS, Brian
  God's Smuggler  -  Brother ANDREW
  Green Leaf in Drought  -  KUHN, Isobel
  Have Bible Will Travel  -  ANDERSON, Peter
  Heavenly Fire: The Life and Ministry of William Grimshaw of Haworth  -  BENNETT, Esther
  Henry Martyn: Pioneer Missionary to India and Islam  -  PAGE, Jesse
  Heroes  -  YANCEY, Philip (& others)
  I Can Plod: William Carey and the Early Years of the First Baptist Missionary Society  -  APPLEBY, John
  I Did It His Way  -  HILL, Hugh
  In Peril on the Sea  -  BELL, Robert W. & LOCKERBIE, D. Bruce
  In the Arena  -  KUHN, Isobel
  In Trouble and in Joy  -  JAMES, Sharon
  Inside Story: The Life of John Stott  -  STEER, Roger 
  Is There Anybody Out There?  -  McCONNELL, Mez 
  Isaac Watts Remembered  -  FOUNTAIN, David G. 
  It is not Death to Die  -  CROMARTY, Jim
  J.C. Ryle: Prepared to Stand Alone  -  MURRAY, Iain H.
  J.Hudson Taylor: A Man in Christ     -  STEER, Roger 
  James Montgomery: a Man for All Seasons  -  TAYLOR Paul 
  Jim Elliot: Mission to the Rain Forest  -  SHAW, Sue
  John and Betty Stam: Modern Martyrs of China  -  WHITE, Kathleen
  John Chrysostom (Bitesize Biographies)       -  BLACKBURN, Earl M 
  John MacArthur: Servant of the Word and Flock  -  MURRAY, Iain H.
  John Rogers: Sealed with Blood  -  SHENTON, Tim
  John Stott – The Humble Leader  -  CAMERON Julia 
  John Sung: Flame for God in the Far East  -  LYALL, Leslie T.
  John Wesley’s England       -  BEWES, Richard 
  John Wycliffe: Man of Courage  -  ANON
  Joni  -  EARECKSON, Joni
  Joni: Start of a Journey  -  EARECKSON TADA, Joni
  Journey to Murder  -  POLLARD, Jo
  Just as I Am: The Autobiography of Billy Graham  -  GRAHAM, Billy 
  Kim Fire Road  -  PHUC PHAN THI, 
  King of the Cannibals: The Story of J. Paton, Missionary to the New Hebrides  -  CROMARTY, Jim
  Lady Jane Grey, Nine Day Queen of England  -  COOK, Faith
  Lives turned upside down  -  COOK, Faith
  Living 4 God  -  DREDGE, Kath
  Luther and his Katie  -  MACCUISH, Dolina
  Martyn Lloyd-Jones: A Family Portrait  -  CATHERWOOD, Christopher
  Mary Slessor: A Life on the Altar for God  -  McLENNAN, Bruce 
  Memoirs of an Ordinary Pastor:The Life and Reflections of Tom Carson  -  CARSON,D.A.
  Men of Destiny  -  MASTERS, Peter
  Men of Purpose  -  MASTERS, Peter
  Miracles From Mayhem: The Story of May Nicholson  -  HOWAT, Irene
  Missing, Believed Killed  -  HAYES, Margaret
  Mister Leprosy  -  THOMPSON, Phyllis
  Mountain Rain: A New Biography of James O.Fraser  -  CROSSMAN, Eileen
  My Heart in His Hands: Ann Judson of Burma  -  JAMES, Sharon
  Nobody’s Child     -  ROBINSON, John
  One Vision Only: The Story of Isobel Kuhn  -  CANFIELD, Carolyn
  Only the Best Will Do: The Eddie Stobart Story  -  STOBART E. & N. with DAVIDSON, N. 
  Our Hymn Writers and their Hymns  -  COOK, Faith
  Out of the Shadows     -  COOK, Faith 
  Patricia St John Tells Her Own Story   -  ST JOHN, Patricia 
  Rachel’s Tears  -  NIMMO, Beth & SCOTT, 
  Rediscovering Roy    -  JOSLIN,Valerie
  Robert Murray M’Cheyne  -  BONAR, Andrew 
  Robert Murray M’Cheyne: In the Footsteps of a Godly Scottish Pastor  -  PRIME, Derek 
  Rough Journal of Army Scripture Reader H.Wisbey  -  WISBEY, Harry
  Running the Race: Eric Liddell – Olympic Champion and Missionary  -  KEDDIE, John W.
  Ruth Petrovna: Reaching Russians  -  BARRETT, Eric & Gillian
  Samuel Rutherford and his Friends  -  COOK, Faith
  Seeing the Invisible  -  COOK, Faith 
  Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus: A Devout Muslim Encounters Christianity  -  QURESHI Nabeel
  Shadow of the Almighty  -  ELLIOT, Elisabeth
  Shaftesbury: The Poor Man’s Earl  -  POLLOCK, John
  Singing in the Fire  -  COOK, Faith
  Sketches from Church History  -  HOUGHTON, S. M.
  Someone to watch over me    -  GLAZEBROOK, Jim
  Son of Hamas  -  YOUSEF, Mosab Hassan
  Sound of Trumpets   -  COOK, Faith 
  Spurgeon  -  DALLIMORE, Arnold
  Stars in God’s Sky  -  COOK, Faith 
  Still Emily: Seeing Rainbows in the Silence  -  OWEN, Emily
  Stones of Fire  -  KUHN, Isobel
  Stronger than the Sword  -  COOK, Faith 
  Susanna Wesley: The Mother of John and Charles Wesley  -  DALLIMORE, Arnold A. 
  Thank You King James: The Tough Life of Robert Hicks   -  HASTINGS, James 
  The Calling  -  Brother ANDREW
  The Cambridge Seven  -  POLLOCK, John
  The Creaking on the Stairs  -  McCONNELL, Mez 
  The Dawn of Heaven Breaks  -  JAMES, Sharon
  The Evangelical Doctor: John Wycliffe and the Lollards  -  WOOD, Douglas
  The Five Silent Years of Corrie Ten Boom  -  ROSEWELL, Pamela 
  The Flying Scotsman: A Biography of Eric Liddell  -  MAGNUSSON, Sally
  The General Next to God: The Story of William Booth & the Salvation Army  -  COLLIER, Richard 
  The Glory Man: A New Biography of Billy Bray  -  DAVEY, Cyril
  The Good Doctor: Philip Doddridge of Northampton  -  CLIFFORD, Alan C.
  The Greatest is Charity: The life of Andrew Reed  -  SHAW, Ian J.
  The Heavenly Man  -  HATTAWAY, Paul
  The Hiding Place (2 copies)  -  TEN BOOM, Corrie
  The Life and Times of Arthur Hildersham: Prince Among Puritans    -  ROWE, Lesley A. 
  The Life of Edward Irving  -  DALLIMORE, Arnold A.
  The Martyrs of Mary Tudor  -  ATHERSTONE Andrew
  The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert  -  BUTTERFIELD, Rosaria Champagne 
  The Sound of his Name: Autobiography of Bernard J. Honeysett  -  HONEYSETT, Bernard J.
  The St Andrews Seven  -  PIGGIN, S. & ROXBOROGH, J.
  The Tears of my Soul  -  HIMM, Sokreaksa S.
  The Titanic's Last Hero  -  ADAMS, Moody
  The Torn Veil  -  SANGSTER, Thelma
  Three Years at War: The Diary of a Cameraman in Afghanistan  -  FORTUNE, Josh 
  Through Gates of Splendour  -  ELLIOT, Elisabeth
  To the Golden Shore: The Life of Adoniram Judson   -  ANDERSON, Courtney 
  Tony  -  WOOD, Vivienne
  Tramp for the Lord  -  TEN BOOM, Corrie
  Trilogy: Madame Guyon/A London Sparrow/Pilgrim in China  -  THOMPSON, Phyllis
  Troubled Journey: A Missionary Childhood in War-torn China  -  COOK, Faith
  Twelve Ordinary Men  -  MACARTHUR, John 
  Under the scaffold: a historical novel  -  COOK, Faith
  Under their Very Eyes: The Astonishing Life of Tom Hamblin, Bible Courier to Arab Nations   -  MEROFF, Deborah(with Tom Hamblin) 
  Until the Day Breaks: The Life and Work of Lilias Trotter   -  ST JOHN, Patricia 
  War and Faith  -  STEPHENS, Don
  War and Grace  -  STEPHENS, Don
  We Died Before We Came Here: A True Story of Sacrifice and Hope  -  FOREMAN, Emily
  We felt like Grasshoppers  -  ANDERSON, Dick
  When Iron Gates Yield  -  BULL, Geoffrey T.
  William Booth and the Salvation Army      -  BENNETT, David
  William Carey: A biography of the Bible Translator, Orientalist Botanist and Pioneer Missionary to India  -  DREWERY, Mary 
  William Carey: by trade a Cobbler  -  FINNIE, Kellsye M.
  William Carey: Obliged to Go  -  BENGE Geoff & Janet
  William Grimshaw of Haworth  -  COOK, Faith
  William Huntington: Pastor of Providence  -  ELLA, George M.
  William Tyndale: The Smuggler’s Flame  -  RICH Lori 
  William Wilberforce  -  POLLOCK, John
  Wonderful! Blythswood People Share Stories of God’s Faithfulness  -  HOWAT, Irene
Booklet - Evangelistic Has Science Got Rid of God?  -  BLANCHARD, John
  Invitation to Live  -  BLANCHARD, John
  Is God Past His Sell-By Date?  -  BLANCHARD, John
  Whatever happened to Hell?  -  BLANCHARD, John
  Where do We Go From Here?  -  BLANCHARD, John
  Where is God When Things Go Wrong?  -  BLANCHARD, John
  Why are You Here?  -  BLANCHARD, John
  Why Believe the Bible?  -  BLANCHARD, John
Booklets - Beliefs and Issues Holiness  -  RYLE, J. C.
  How Can a God of Love Send People to Hell?  -  BENTON, John
  Living Through Grief  -  BAUMAN, Harold
  What You Should Know About Your Conscience  -  MASTERS, Peter
  Your Reasonable Service in the Lord's Work  -  MASTERS, Peter
Children Catechism for Young People  -  HAYES TOWN CHAPEL
  Friska My Friend  -  ST JOHN Patricia
  I Needed a Neighbour  -  ST JOHN Patricia
  Know how to give a Children's Talk  -  CAPON, Anthony
  Nothing Else Matters - 2 copies  -  ST JOHN, Patricia 
  Prodigals (and Those Who Love Them)  -  BELL GRAHAM Ruth 
  Rainbow Garden  -  ST JOHN Patricia
  Real Life: Surviving After Education  -  SUNDERLAND, Joanna
  S.O.S. Titanic  -  SILVERTHORNE Jill 
  Stephen’s Story: Learning About Meningitis  -  WILSON, Jenny
  Ten Boys Who Changed the World  -  HOWAT, Irene
  Ten Girls Who Changed the World  -  HOWAT, Irene
  The Mystery of Pheasant Cottage  -  ST JOHN Patricia
  The Other Kitten  -  ST JOHN Patricia
  The Tanglewoods' Secret  -  ST JOHN Patricia
  The Victor  -  ST JOHN Patricia
  Treasures of the Snow  -  ST JOHN Patricia
Christian Life - Baptism Baptism: The Picture and its Purpose  -  MASTERS, Peter
  Believe and be Baptised  -  JACK, Victor 
  The Water That Divides: A Survey of the Doctrine of Baptism  -  BRIDGE, Donald and PHYPERS, David
Christian Life - Counselling & Self Help Be True To Yourself  -  FULLER, Matt
  Depression in the Christian Family  -  CARSON, Herbert
  Depression: A rescue plan  -  WINTER, Jim
  Encouragement: The Oxygen of the Soul  -  BINGHAM, Derick
  Leaving Yesterday Behind  -  HINES, William
  Living Without Worry:How to Replace Anxiety with Peace  -  LANE, Timothy 
  Pickups for Hiccups: Big Solutions for Small Problems  -  ROBINSON, Simon & ROBINSON, Hazel
  Spiritual Depression: Its Causes and Cure  -  LLOYD-JONES, D.M.
  Stress: The Challenge to Christian Caring  -  DAVIES, Gaius
  What Does the Bible Really Say About: Eating Disorders?  -  SCRIVENER, Emma
  What does the Bible really say about…? Depression  -  WINTER, Jim
  Words that Hurt, Words that Heal  -  MAYHALL, Carole
Christian Life - Discipleship A Godward Life  -  PIPER, J.
  A Heart Like His  -  MANLEY PIPPERT, Rebecca
  Abide: Understanding the Secrets of Living for Jesus  -  WIERSBE, Warren W.
  Battles Christians Face: Tackling Big Issues with Confidence  -  ROBERTS, Vaughan
  Be Bright: Living for Christ at University  -  KING, Andrew Dr. 
  Crazy Busy: A [Mercifully] Short Book About a [Really] Big Problem  -  DeYOUNG, Kevin
  Discipleship  -  MAIDEN, Peter
  Disciplines of a Godly Man     -  KENT HUGHES R. 
  Extreme Righteousness: Seeing Ourselves in the Pharisees  -  HOVESTOL, Tom
  Fasting: A Neglected Discipline  -  RUSHWORTH SMITH, David
  Go for Growth  -  ANDERSON, Peter
  God's Rules for Holiness  -  MASTERS, Peter
  Growing for God  -  ROBINSON, Simon J.
  How Do We Get Guidance?  -  EDWARDS, Brian
  Just Do Something: A Liberating Approach to Finding God’s Will  -  DeYOUNG, Kevin 
  Learning to Be Happy  -  BURROUGHS, Jeremiah 
  Never Mind the Joneses       -  STAFFORD, Tim
  Respectable Sins: Confronting the Sins we Tolerate   -  BRIDGES, Jerry 
  Thank God it’s Monday: Ministry in the Workplace      -  GREENE, Mark
  The Liberty of Obedience  -  ELLIOT, Elisabeth
  Walking with God  -  RYLE, J. C.
  Work and Leisure in Christian Perspective  -  RYKEN, Leland 
Christian Life - General 150 Pocket Thoughts  -  BEWES, Richard
  A Stranger in a Strange Land  -  SWANSTON, Tom
  Child of a King: What Joining God’s Family Really Means  -  JOHNSTON, Mark
  Christian Handbook  -  JEFFERY, Peter
  Connected Christianity  -  AZURDIA G. Arturo
  Directions for Christian Living  -  PRIME, Derek 
  Fasting, Prayer, and Humiliation for Sin  -  HILDERSHAM, Arthur
  Glorious Freedom  -  SIBBES Richard 
  Help for Hurting Christians  -  THOMAS, Derek
  Help! I Cannot Cope With Change - booklet  -  WINTER, Jim
  Help! I'm Redundant  -  EDWARDS, Brian
  Made for His Pleasure: Ten Marks of a Vital Faith  -  BEGG, Alistair
  Newness of Life: An Introduction to Bible Reading  -  EDDISON, John 
  Professor Wright answers your Questions  -  WRIGHT, Verna
  Ready Answers: A Question and Answer Teaching Aid  -  GIBSON, Alan
  Sing! How Worship Transforms Your Life, Family, & Church     -  GETTY, Keith & Kristyn 
  The Big Picture for Small Churches  -  BENTON, John
  The Goal of Brotherly Love  -  MASTERS, Peter
  The Rebellious Years  -  MASTERS, Peter
  The Top 100 Questions    -  BEWES, Richard
  What Christians believe: the heart of Christianity explored and explained  -  BALCHIN, John
  What’s so Amazing about Grace?  -  YANCEY, Philip
  Why Does Being a Christian Have to be So Hard?  -  GOLDING, Peter
  You Can Change  -  CHESTER Tim 
Christian Life - Introduction Advice for Seekers  -  SPURGEON, C. H.
  Firm Foundations  -  JEFFERY, Peter & MILTON, Owen
  How to Seek and Find the Lord  -  MASTERS, Peter
  It makes sense  -  GAUKROGER, Stephen
  Living Water: Finding Real Life in Jesus  -  BENTON, John
  Need to Know  -  MILLAR,  Gary
  Preparing for Church  -  STEPHEN, Sheila
Christian Life - Lord's Day Whatever Happened to Worship?  -  TOZER, A. W.
  What's Special about Sunday?  -  EDWARDS, Brian
Christian Life - Lord's Supper Preparing for the Lord’s Supper  -  BRADSHAW, William & HILDERSHAM, Arthur
  The Purposes of the Lord's Supper  -  MASTERS, Peter
Christian Life - Spiritual Growth A Lifetime of Wisdom: Embracing the Way God Heals You  -  EARECKSON TADA, Joni
  An Identitiy to Die For  -  MALLARD, Paul
  Emotions: Living Life in Colour  -  BEYNON, Graham
  Enjoying your Best Years  -  SANDERS, J. Oswald
  Finishing Our Course with Joy  -  PACKER, J. I. 
  Help My Unbelief  -  PIPER,  Barnabas
  How Can I Be Sure?: and Other Questions About Doubt, Assurance and the Bible  -  STEVENS, John 
  Hungry for more of Jesus  -  WILKERSON, David
  I really want to change…So, help me God  -  MACDONALD, James
  Ice and Fire: Avoiding the Ice of Discouragement, Fanning the Flame of Encouragement  -  MELLOR, Mike
  Improving Your Quiet Time  -  ROBINSON, Simon J.
  Life Lessons: Life-Changing Stories for Christian Growth       -  MYERS Glenn
  Listen Up!: A Practical Guide to Listening to Sermons  -  ASH Christopher
  Nearing Home: Life, Faith and Finishing Well  -  GRAHAM, Billy 
  Secret Strength  -  EARECKSON TADA, Joni
  The Christian’s Secret of a Happy Life  -  WHITALL SMITH, Hannah
  The Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness  -  KELLER, Timothy 
  The Happy Christian: 10 Ways to be a Joyful Believer in a Gloomy World    -  MURRAY, David
  What Could I Be?  -  HICKS, Peter
  Your Days are Numbered   -  PERRITT, John
Christian Life - Spiritual warfare Faithful under Fire  -  ELLSWORTH, Roger
  How to Live in a Dangerous World: Biblical Pictures of Modern Perils  -  ELLSWORTH, Roger
  How to Meet the Enemy  -  MACARTHUR, John 
  Knowing the Times  -  LLOYD-JONES, D.M. 
  To Fight Better  -  ROBERTS, Ron & Gwen
  Warfare Witness: Contending with Spiritual Opposition in Everyday Evangelism  -  GALE, Stanley D.
Church & Pastoral By the Foolishness of Preaching  -  TODD John 
  Churches Beware  -  RYLE, J. C.
  Churches in Trouble? Developing good relationships in your Church  -  BROWN, Paul E.
  Contemporary Worship Music: A Biblical Defense  -  FRAME, John M.
  Essentially One  -  LAMB, Jonathan
  Evangelicals Then and Now  -  JEFFERY, Peter
  Evangelistic Preaching  -  CARSWELL, Roger
  God’s New Community  -  BEYNON Graham 
  How to Behave in Church: A Guide to Church Life  -  JEFFERY, Peter
  Long War Against God  -  MORRIS, Dr Henry
  Love is the Key  -  JUDD, Alec
  Men, Women and Authority: Serving Together in the Church  -  EDWARDS, Brian (ed.)
  Miraculous Healing  -  FROST, Henry W.
  The Church that Christ Built  -  LEGG, John 
  The Deafening Sound of Silent Tears  -  BARKER, Juliet
  The Limits of Fellowship: The Inclusiveness of Love  -  JENSEN Philip 
  The Survivor's Guide to Church Life  -  RYE, James & Nina
  Why Bother With Church?: And Other Questions About Why You Need It and Why It Needs You  -  ALLBERRY, Sam 
Church History Catch the Vision: Roots of the Reformed Recovery  -  MURRAY, John J.
  Celestial Fire: A Recent Awakening in Eastern Europe   -  WISE, Maureen
  Expect Great Things  -  ATTON, Jack
  Great Men of God: The History of the Church through 2 Years  -  INTERNET Information
  Gunpowder, Treason and Plot  -  ANDERSON, Clive
  Heritage of Evidence in the British Museum  -  MASTERS, Peter
  Jewels of Cambodia  -  SLOGGETT, Brenda
  Killing Fields, Living Fields  -  CORMACK, Don
  Lights Shining in the Darkness  -  JEFFERY, Peter
  One Heart and One Soul  -  HAYKIN, Michael A. G.
  Postcard from Palestine  -  REID, Andrew
  Preachers Who Made a Difference  -  JEFFERY, Peter
  SASRA at the Somme  -  WILKIE, Shona 
  Shining Like Stars: The Power of the Gospel in the World’s Universities  -  BROWN Lindsay 
  The Irish Puritans: James Ussher and the Reformation of the Church  -  GRIBBEN, Crawford
  The Unquenchable Flame  -  REEVES Michael 
  Travel with Billy Graham       -  BELMONTE Kevin 
  Travel with Frances Ridley Havergal  -  PURVES, Carol
  Travel with John Blanchard  -  EDWARDS, Brian H. 
  Travel with William Carey  -  PEASE Paul 
  Travel with William Tyndale   -  EDWARDS, Brian H. 
  Travel with William Wilberforce  -  BELMONTE Kevin
  Travel with: William Cowper: The Evangelical Poet  -  WILLIAMS, Paul 
  Wesley and Men Who Followed  -  MURRAY, Iain H.
  Who are the Puritans? and what do they teach?  -  HULSE, Erroll
Commentaries - New Testament 1 Thessalonians;Living for Jesus - 30 Undated devotions (2 copies)  -  MARSDEN, Julia
  A Glorious High Throne: Hebrews Simply Explained  -  ANDREWS, Edgar
  A Rough Guide to the New Testament  -  JONES, Simon
  Be Ready: 1 & 2 Thessalonians  -  WIERSBE, Warren W.
  Christ All Sufficient: Colossians and Philemon Simply Explained  -  ARTHUR, J. Philip
  Delight for a Wretched Man  -  CLARK, A. Benjamin R.
  Encounters with God  -  WILLIAMS, Peter
  From Shadow to Substance  -  HESSION, Roy 
  Growing through Encouragement: A user-friendly guide to 1 Thessalonians  -  CARSWELL, Roger
  Hebrews  -  WHEELER, R. John 
  Let’s Study 1 Timothy  -  COOK W. John 
  Let's Study Ephesians  -  FERGUSON, Sinclair B.
  Let's Study Galatians  -  THOMAS, Derek
  Let's Study Hebrews  -  JONES, Hywel R.
  Let's Study John  -  JOHNSTON, Mark
  Let's Study Luke  -  MILNE, Douglas J. W.
  Let's Study Mark  -  FERGUSON, Sinclair B.
  Let's Study Philippians  -  FERGUSON, Sinclair B.
  Life in the Spirit: In Marriage, Home & Work  -  LLOYD-JONES, D.M.
  Living for Christ: 1 & 2 Peter Simply Explained  -  BENTLEY, Michael
  Magnify the Lord: Luke 1:46-55    -  LLOYD-JONES, D.M. 
  Opening up 1 Corinthians  -  PRIME, Derek
  Patience of Hope: 1 & 2 Thessalonians Simply Explained  -  ARTHUR, J. Philip
  Philippians for Today: Priorities from Prison  -  CHRISPIN, Gerard
  Rediscovering Joy: The Dynamic Power of the Reformation in Galatians  -  CHESTER, Tim 
  Revelation Revealed  -  BENFOLD, Gary
  Romans  -  WILSON, Geoffrey B. 
  Strength in Weakness: 2 Corinthians Simply Explained  -  ARTHUR, J. Philip
  Strengthening Christ's Church: The Message of I Corinthians  -  ELLSWORTH, Roger
  The Beatitudes for Today  -  BLANCHARD, John
  The Gospel as it really is: Paul's Epistle to the Romans  -  OLYOTT, Stuart
  The King and His Kingdom: Matthew Simply Explained  -  LEGG, John
  The Lamb is All the Glory: The Book of Revelation  -  BROOKS, Richard
  The Letter of James  -  MOO, Douglas J.
  The Lord our Shepherd  -  MACMILLAN, J. Douglas
  The Message of Acts  -  STOTT, John
  The Message of James  -  MOTYER, Alec
  The Shepherd King  -  ELLSWORTH, Roger
  The Shepherd Trilogy   -  KELLER, Phillip
Commentaries - Old Testament 1 Kings: The Wisdom and the Folly  -  DAVIS, Dale Ralph
  1 Samuel: Looking on the Heart  -  DAVIS, Dale Ralph
  2 Kings: The Power and the Fury  -  DAVIS, Dale Ralph
  2 Samuel: Out of Every Adversity  -  DAVIS, Dale Ralph 
  A Shepherd looks at Psalm 23  -  KELLER, Phillip
  A Shepherd looks at the Good Shepherd and His Sheep  -  KELLER, Phillip
  Book of Daniel  -  WHEELER, R. John 
  Both Sides Now: Ecclesiastes and the Human Condition  -  BARNES, Peter
  Dare to Stand Alone: Read and Enjoy the Book of Daniel  -  OLYOTT, Stuart
  David: Man of Prayer, Man of War  -  CHANTRY, Walter 
  Dawn of a Kingdom: The Message of 1 Samuel  -  KEDDIE, Gordon
  Exodus: An Introduction and Commentary  -  COLE, Alan
  Exploring Esther: Serving the Unseen God  -  JONES, Colin D.
  Faith Tried and Triumphant  -  LLOYD-JONES, D.M. 
  Faith, Doubt, Trials and Assurance  -  MASTERS, Peter
  Faithful God: An Exposition of the Book of Ruth  -  FERGUSON, Sinclair B.
  Genesis: Tyndale Old Testament Commentary  -  KIDNER, Derek
  God Delivers: Isaiah Simply Explained  -  THOMAS, Derek
  Great is Your Faithfulness: Lamentations Simply Explained  -  BROOKS, Richard
  He is Altogether Lovely: Discovering Christ in the Song of Solomon  -  ELLSWORTH, Roger
  In the Presence of my Enemies  -  DAVIS, Dale Ralph
  Jeremiah: Encountering the Weeping Prophet      -  ELLSWORTH, Roger 
  Jonah: Running From God  -  WILLIAMS, Peter
  Joshua's Conquest: Was it Moral?  -  MASTERS, Peter
  Judges: Such a Great Salvation  -  DAVIS, Dale Ralph
  Opening up Deuteronomy  -  THOMSON, Andrew 
  Opening up Ecclesiastes  -  WINTER, Jim
  Opening up Ezekiel’s Visions  -  JEFFERY, Peter
  Opening up Psalms    -  ELLSWORTH, Roger 
  Overcoming Life's Difficulties: Learning from the Book of Joshua  -  JEFFERY, Peter
  Psalms for You  -  ASH,  Christopher
  Psalms: From Suffering to Glory: Vol.1: Psalms 1-72: The Servant-King  -  EVESON, Philip
  Psalms:From Suffering to Glory:Vol.2:Psalms 73-150:God’s Manual of Spirituality    -  EVESON, Philip
  Samuel: Encountering Samuel the King-Maker  -  ELLSWORTH, Roger 
  String of Pearls (Psalm 119)  -  BROOKS, Richard
  The Expectant Prophet  -  CURRID John D 
  The Guide: Ecclesiastes  -  KEDDIE, Gordon
  The Message of Amos  -  MOTYER, Alec 
  The Message of Daniel  -  WALLACE, Ronald S.
  The Message of Numbers  -  BROWN, Raymond
  The Minor Prophets: A Message for the 21st Century  -  ABBOTT, Michael
  The Prophecy of Isaiah  -  MOTYER, Alec 
  The Storm Breaks: Job Simply Explained  -  THOMAS, Derek
  Time Travel to the Old Testament  -  SINKINSON, Chris 
  Walking with God: Learning discipleship in the Psalms  -  PHILLIPS, Richard, D.
  Wholeheartedness: The Message of Haggai for Today      -  GRIFFITHS, Jonathan W
  Why Lord? The Book of Job for Today  -  BENFOLD, Gary
  Wrestling with God  -  MACMILLAN, J. Douglas
Commentaries - Whole Bible The Guide: The Bible Book by Book  -  ELLSWORTH, Roger
Devotional 365 Days with Spurgeon  -  SPURGEON, C. H.
  A Love of Reading  -  SANDERS, J. Oswald 
  A Walk With Jesus  -  SPROUL, R. C.
  According to Promise  -  SPURGEON, C. H. 
  Adolphe Monod’s Farewell  -  MONOT, Adolphe 
  Be Strong in the Lord  -  SEARLE, David
  Daily Readings: Vol.1 (Matthew/Mark/John)  -  RYLE, J. C. 
  Daniel: Far from Home:  40 Undated devotions  -  MOTE, Justin
  Daring Devotion (Release International)  -  PUSCH, Lisa-Marie
  Delighting in the Sunlit Uplands of Grace  -  SPURGEON, C. H.
  Esther: Silent but Sovereign - 30 Undated devotions  -  LACEY, Carolyn
  Exodus: The Lord and his Pilgrims – 40 undated devotions  -  MOTYER, Alec 
  God Can be Trusted (Large Print)  -  MULLER, George 
  God Tells the Man Who Cares  -  TOZER, A. W. 
  Heroes of the Bible: Remaining Faithful Through Your Later Years:   30 Undated devotions  -  HITCHINGS, Roger
  Hope for Each Day  -  GRAHAM, Billy 
  John: Never Thirst Again - 30 Undated devotions – 3 copies  -  COOK, David 
  Last Things First  -  BEYNON Graham 
  Lead Your Family in Worship  -  CARR Francois
  Learning to Trust  -  WELANDER, Mary
  Pastor and People: A Devotional Commentary on 2 Corinthians  -  DUNCAN B. George
  Philippians: Press on Towards the Goal -  30 Undated devotions – 2 copies  -  MUMFORD, Kay
  Pilgrim’s Progress  -  BUNYAN, J 
  Promises of Jesus  -  LION PUBLISHING
  Rainbows and Promises  -  WILD, Jean
  The Holy War: The Battle for Mansoul  -  BUNYAN, J 
  The Holy War: The Battle for Mansoul(Modern English)  -  BUNYAN, J 
  The Overcoming Life  -  MOODY, D.L. 
  The Silent Shades of Sorrow   -  SPURGEON, C. H.
  The Smile of God  -  HAWTHORNE, Andy
  Tumbling Sky: Psalm Devotions for Weary Souls  -  SEARLES, Matt
  What the Bible is All About – Dr MEARS, Henrietta
Doctrine An Angry God?  -  DAVIES, Eryl
  Are we Fundamentalists?  -  MASTERS, Peter
  Christianity is Jewish  -  SCHAEFFER, Edith
  Do Miracles Happen Today  -  CHESTER, Tim
  Do Miracles Happen Today  -  CHESTER, Tim
  God Willing  -  FLAVEL, John
  God’s Abundant Life  -  SCOUGALL, Henry & LEIGHTON, Robert 
  God's Wonderful Word  -  KNIGHT, Trevor F.
  Life By His Death     -  OWEN, John 
  Life Transforming Truth: An Introduction to the Doctrines of Grace  -  PAYNE, William E.
  Our nearest Kinsman  -  HESSION, Roy
  Stand for the Truth  -  MASTERS, Peter
  Ten Things I Wish Jesus Never Said  -  KULIGIN Victor 
  The Ascension: The Shout of a King  -  PRIME, Derek
  The Bible on the Life Hereafter  -  HENDRIKSEN, William
  The Charismatics and the Word of God  -  BUDGEN, Victor
  The Christian Life: A Doctrinal Introduction  -  FERGUSON, Sinclair B.
  The Great Exchange: Justification by Faith Alone  -  EVESON, Philip H.
  The Guide: Revolutionary Forgiveness  -  WRIGHT, Eric E.
  The Hand of God: The Comfort of Having a Sovereign God    -  LEAHY, Frederick
  The Hitch-Hikers Guide to Heaven  -  BLANCHARD, John 
  The Holiness of God and of His People  -  MORGAN, Hugh D.
  The Momentous Event  -  GRIER, W. J.
  The Promise of the Future   -  VENEMA, Cornelis P.
  The Roots of True Faith  -  GUTHRIE, William
  The Sovereignty of God  -  PINK, A. W.
  The Ten Commandments for Today  -  EDWARDS, Brian H.
  Tithing: The Privilege of Christian Stewardship  -  MASTERS, Peter
  What is Faith?  -  MACHEN, J.Gresham
Evangelism A Passion for Life: Real Life Stories About Faith  -  CARSWELL D.J.
  An Alarm to Unconverted Sinners  -  ALLEINE, Joseph
  Around the Wicket Gate  -  SPURGEON, C. H.
  Before You Say “I Don’t Believe”  -  CARSWELL, Roger
  Beyond Bars: Looking Inside the Inside Story  -  CRISPIN, Gerrard
  Born to Reproduce  -  TROTMAN, Dawson 
  Does God Believe in Atheists?  -  BLANCHARD, John
  Effective Evangelism  -  SANDERS, J. Oswald
  Evangelism & the Sovereignty of God  -  PACKER, J. I.
  Evangelism Made Slightly Less Difficult  -  POLLARD, Nick
  Evidence that Demands a Verdict: Vol. One  -  McDOWELL, Josh
  Evidence that Demands a Verdict: Vol. Two  -  McDOWELL, Josh
  Falling Short? The Alpha Course Examined  -  HAND, Chris
  Global Warning  -  MACKAY, Norman
  God's Early Evangelists  -  KNIGHT, Trevor F.
  He Found Me  -  VARIOUS
  How Shall they Hear?  -  HICHAM E.M. 
  How Small a Whisper  -  CARSWELL, Roger
  How to Save a Life  -  KANDIAH Krish & Miriam 
  I Will Never Become a Christian  -  JEFFERY, Peter
  Intentional: Evangelism that Takes People to Jesus  -  WILLIAMS, Paul
  Jesus says 'Go"!  -  WELLS, Robin
  Life Stories  -  CARSWELL D.J.
  Live Wires  -  CARSWELL D.J.
  Meet God  -  ANDERSON, Peter
  Mere Christianity  -  LEWIS, C. S.
  Out of the Saltshaker: Evangelism as a Way of Life  -  MANLEY PIPPERT, Rebecca
  Real Lives  -  CARSWELL, Jonathan
  Sagas: Finding Faith After 50  -  CARSWELL D.J.
  Salvation Exposed  -  JEFFERY, Peter
  Seven Certain Signs of True Conversion  -  MASTERS, Peter
  Sharing the Good News in C21  -  McQUOID, Stephen
  Silent Messengers: The Vital Ministry of Gospel Tracts  -  BANTON, Andy
  Stay Salt  -  MANLEY PIPPERT, Rebecca
  The Edge of Known Reality and Beyond  -  SKINNER, Jonathan
  The Gospel Centred Life  -  CHESTER Tim & TIMMIS Steve
  The Life Sentence  -  CHRISTOFIDES, Andy
  The Pundit’s Folly  -  FERGUSON, Sinclair B. 
  The Soul Winner  -  SPURGEON, C. H.
  The Thinker: Thoughts from the Heart of an Evangelist  -  CARSWELL, Roger
  The Universe Upstairs: A Cartoon Guide to World Views  -  JONES, Merve
  Trilogy: The God Who is There / Escape from Reason / He is There and He is Not Silent (1 vol.)  -  SCHAEFFER, Francis
  Uncovered: True Secrets of Changed Lives  -  CARSWELL, Jonathan
  Uncovering the World  -  CARSWELL, Jonathan
  Who Moved the Stone?  -  MORRISON, Frank
  Why I am a Christian  -  STOTT, John
  Why Me? Personal Stories of Hope in Suffering  -  CARSWELL, Roger
  Your Questions Answered: A Reply to Muslim Friends  -  HICHAM E.M. 
God Father Our Father: Enjoying the Fatherhood of God!  -  POND, Clifford
God the Son - Jesus Christ Is Jesus History?  -  DICKSON,  John
  Jesus in the Present Tense: the I Am Statements of Christ  -  WIERSBE, Warren W.
  Jesus: The Life Changer  -  ROBINSON, Simon J. 
  Mighty to Save  -  POND, Clifford
  No King but Christ  -  GRANT, Maurice
  Of God and Men      -  TOZER, A. W. 
  The Beauty of Jesus  -  POND, Clifford
  The Case for Christ: A Journalist’s Personal Investigation of the Evidence for Jesus  -  STROBEL, Lee 
  The Cross He Bore  -  LEAHY, Frederick
  The Cross in Four Words  -  DEYOUNG, Kevin, COEKIN, Richard, YANNICK, Christos- Wahab
  The Cross of Christ  -  STOTT, John
  The Cross: The Reality of the Cross For Today  -  JEFFREY, Peter
  The Enigma of the Cross    -  McGRATH Alister 
  The Incomparable Christ  -  STOTT, John
  The Last Days of Jesus  -  MOORE, T.V. 
  The Murder of Jesus  -  MACARTHUR, John
  The Name  -  GRAHAM, Franklin
  The Passion of Jesus Christ  -  PIPER, John
  The Prodigal God   -  KELLER, Timothy 
  The Resurrection:  Fact or Fiction?  -  BEWES, Richard
  The Resurrection: The Unopened Gift  -  CHRISPIN, Gerard
  The Trial of Jesus  -  GRIEVE, Val
  The Unsearchable Riches of Christ  -  LLOYD-JONES, D.M.
  We would see Jesus  -  HESSION, Roy
Holy Spirit God the Holy Spirit  -  LLOYD-JONES, D.M. 
  The Spirit of Promise  -  MACLEOD, Donald
Leadership The Reformed Pastor  -  BAXTER, Richard
Love, Sex and Marriage And Then He Knew Her: A Biblical View of Sex  -  REYNOLDS, Adrian & Celia 
  Born Again This Way  -  GILSON,  Rachel
  Christian Dating  -  SWEET, Martin
  Don’t They Make a Lovely Couple?  -  BENTON, John & Ann
  For Better or for Worse: Marriage and Cohabitation Compared  -  TAYLOR, Philippa
  How to Make Your Marriage Last: A Husband’s Guide  -  BENTON, John 
  How to Make Your Marriage Last: A Wife’s Guide  -  BENTON, Ann
  Loving Against the Odds;Creating the Marriage You’ve Always Wanted  -  PARSONS, Rob
  Marriage and the Family  -  JONES, Douglas
  The Genesis of Sex  -  ROBERTSON, O. Palmer
  The Plausibility Problem   -  SHAW, Ed
  Together Through the Storms  -  WALTON, Jeff and sarah
  What the Bible Says About: Going out, Marriage and Sex  -  RICHARDS, Dr Chris & JONES, Dr Liz
  Why Does God Care Who I Sleep With?  -  ALLBERRY, Sam 
Mission Christians, Muslims and Islamic Rage  -  CATHERWOOD, Christopher
  Ishmael my Brother  -  COOPER, Anne
  Knowing Our Times: How British Culture Impacts Our Mission       -  STEVENS, John 
  Light Force: the only hope for the Middle East  -  Brother Andrew & JANSSEN, Al
  Missionary Triumph Over Slavery: William Knibb and Jamaican Emancipation  -  MASTERS, Peter
  Operation World  -  JOHNSTONE, Patrick
  Secret Believers  -  Brother Andrew & JANSSEN, Al 
  Secrets Behind the Burqa  -  SOOKHDEO, Rosemary
  So I Send You: The Secret of the Burning Heart  -  CHAMBERS, Oswald 
  The Colour of Darkness  -  BILINDA, Lesley
  The Continuing Heartcry for China  -  PATERSON, Ross 
  The Great Omission  -  HARRIS, Trevor
Moral & Social Issues Abolition!  -  POLLOCK, John
  Abortion  -  LING, Dr Lizzie
  Abortion: A Woman's Birthright?  -  RIOLS, Noreen
  Assisted Suicide  -  ROBERTS, Vaughan
  Bankrolling Gay Proselytism: The Case for Extending Section 28  -  The Christian Institute
  Bioethical Issues  -  LING, John R. 
  Early Years Conference Report  -  CARE FOR EDUCATION
  Help! Someone I Love has Depression (2 copies)-booklet  -  WINTER, Jim
  Homosexuality  -  EDWARDS, B. & ANDERSON, A. 
  Horizons of Hope: Reality in Disability  -  EDWARDS, Brian
  How to Make the World Less Hungry  -  KEAY, Kathy
  Is Life Really Sacred? Abortion and the Christian Conscience  -  CAMERON, Nigel M de S
  Mass Destruction: Is God Guilty of Genocide?    -  TINKER, Melvin
  Matters of Life and Death  -  WYATT, John
  Not by Bread Alone  -  BROUGHTON KNOX, David
  Responding to the Culture of Death     -  LING, John R
  Serving God in a Migrant Crisis  -  JOHNSTONE, Patrick
  That Hideous Strength: A Deeper Look at How the West was Lost  -  TINKER, Melvin
  That Hideous Strength: A Deeper Look at How the West was Lost  -  TINKER, Melvin
  The Book That Made Your World  -  MANGALWADI, Vishal
  The Edge of Life: Dying, Death and Euthanasia  -  LING, John R.
  The Shaming of the Strong: The Challenge of an Unborn Life  -  WILLIAMS, Sarah
  Transgender  -  ROBERTS, Vaughan
  What Kind of God?  -  OTS, Michael
  When is it Right to Die?  -  EARECKSON TADA, Joni
  Who Am I?: Human Identity and the Gospel in a Confusing World  -  FRETWELL, Thomas 
  Why does God allow War?  -  LLOYD-JONES, D.M.
  Why Wait?  -  McDOWELL, Josh & DAY, Dick
  Will You Be My Facebook Friend?  -  CHESTER Tim
No Section Afterwards I Knew  -  FARENHORST Christine
  Children on the Edge  -  LEONARD, Christine
  In His Steps  -  SHELDON, Charles
  The Merciful Eye  -  FARENHORST Christine
Old Age A Good Old Age: an A-Z of Loving and Following the Lord Jesus in Later Years  -  PRIME, Derek 
  Autumn Gold: Enjoying Old Age  -  POND, Clifford
  Christians Grow Old  -  GAY, David
  If It’s Not Too Much Trouble: The Challenge of the Aged Parent  -  BENTON, Ann
  Making the Most of the Rest of Your Life  -  CHAPMAN, John
  Old, but not Out!: Purpose and Discipleship in Old Age    -  TAYLOR, James 
  On My Way to Heaven: Facing Death with Christ  -  ASHTON, Mark
Parenting Aren't They Lovely When They're Asleep? Lessons in Unsentimental Parenting  -  BENTON, Ann
  Parenting Against the Tide: A Handbook for 21st Century Parenting  -  BENTON, Ann 
  Parents First - Sex Education within the Home (Course Leaders' Manual)  -  CARE
  Successful Family Devotions  -  WHITE, Mary
  Surprise Package: When God Wrecks Our Plans  -  CROWTER Steve 
  Survival Tips for Mums  -  EL MOSTAIN, Elizabeth
  Survival Tips for Mums  -  EL MOSTAIN, Elizabeth
  The Sixty Minute Family       -  PARSONS, Rob
  The Sixty Minute Father (2 copies)  -  PARSONS, Rob
  The Sixty Minute Marriage  -  PARSONS, Rob
  The Sixty Minute Mother  -  PARSONS, Rob
  Unconverted Sons and Daughters: Hope for Hurting Parents  -  MULLER, Carl
  What the Bible Teaches About Christian Parenting  -  ELLSWORTH, Roger
Prayer A Prayer Guide  -  MIRPURIS(the) of Britain 
  Call to Spiritual Reformation: Priorities from Paul and his Prayers  -  CARSON, D.A. A 
  Don’t just stand there…Pray something!  -  DUNN, Ronald
  Effective Prayer   -  SPURGEON, C. H. 
  Prayer: Letters to Malcolm  -  LEWIS, C. S.
  Talking it Over: Conversations on Prayer  -  HOLLAND, Tom
  the Lord's Pattern for Prayer  -  MASTERS, Peter
  The Lord's Prayer for Today  -  PRIME, Derek
  The Power of Prayer Meetings  -  MASTERS, Peter
  Unanswered Prayer  -  BUSS, G. D.
  Window on the World   -  SPRAGGETT, Daphne & JOHNSTONE, Jill 
  You Can Pray  -  CHESTER Tim 
Religions & Cults A Christian's Pocket Guide to Islam  -  SOOKHDEO, Patrick
  A Wind in the House of Islam     -  GARRISON, David 
  Da Vinci: a broken code  -  EDWARDS, Brian
  Islam - The Challenge to the Church  -  SOOKHDEO, Patrick
  The Da Vinci Code on Trial  -  CLARK,Stephen
  The Road Once Travelled: Fresh Thoughts on Catholicism   -  GILBERT Mark 
  Understanding Islamic Terrorism  -  SOOKHDEO, Patrick
  What is the New Age?  -  EDWARDS, Brian
  Women in Islam  -  STACEY, Vivienne
Revival A Forgotten Revival  -  GRIFFIN, Stanley C.
  A. G. Ardent Love For Jesus: Learning form The 18th Century Baptist Revival  -  HAYKIN, Michael 
  Fire from Heaven: Times of Extraordinary Revival   -  COOK Paul E.G. 
  Forgotten Heroes of Revival  -  SHENTON, Tim
  Revival Cameos  -  GENTRY, Peter W.
  Revival!   -  EDWARDS, Brian H.
  Sounds from Heaven  -  PECKHAM, Colin & Mary
  The Welsh Revival of 1904   -  EVANS,E. 
Science & Creation A Pocket Guide to Noah’s Ark  -  VARIOUS 
  A Pocket Guide to the Global Flood  -  SNELLING, Andrew A. 
  Adam: The First and The Last  -  TURPIN. Simon
  Bone of Contention: Is Evolution True?  -  BAKER, Sylvia
  Creation Evangelism for the New Millennium  -  HAM, Ken
  Dealing with Dawkins   -  BLANCHARD John
  Did Adam have a belly button?  -  HAM, Ken
  Did Eve really have an extra rib?  -  HAM, Ken
  Evidence for the Bible  -  ANDERSON, Clive & EDWARDS, Brian 
  Fearfully and Wonderfully Made  -  BRAND, Dr Paul & YANCEY, Philip
  Footprints in the Ash: The Explosive Story of Mt. St. Helens     -  MORRIS, John & AUSTIN, Steven
  Genesis for Today  -  McINTOSH Andy
  God's promise to the Chinese  -  NELSON/BROADBERRY/CHOCK
  Green Eye of the Storm  -  RENDLE-SHORT, John
  Hallmarks of Design: Evidence of design in the Natural World  -  BURGESS, Stuart
  He Made The Stars Also   -  BURGESS, Stuart
  Life in our Hands: A Christian Perspective on Genetics and Cloning  -  BRYANT, John and SEARLE, John
  Should Christians Embrace Evolution?  -  NEVIN, Norman C. (Ed.)
  The Book of Origins: Genesis Simply Explained  -  EVESON, Philip
  The Dawkins Letters: Challenging Atheist Myths  -  ROBERTSON, David
  The Great Dinosaur Mystery Solved!  -  HAM, Ken
  The Lie: Evolution  -  HAM, Ken
  The New Answers Book  -  HAM, Ken
  The New Creationism  -  GARNER, Paul 
  Who Made God?  -  ANDREWS, Edgar 
Singleness 7 Myths About Singleness  -  ALLBERRY, Sam 
Study Aids How to Enjoy Your Bible  -  BLANCHARD, John
  How To Read the Bible for all its Worth  -  FEE, Gordon & STUART, Douglas 
  Leviticus: A Self-Study Guide     -  JENSEN Irving L. 
  Read Mark Learn  -  BLANCHARD, John
  Read Mark Learn  -  BLANCHARD, John
  The Bible Panorama   -  CHRISPIN, Gerard 
  The Bible User's Manual  -  BALCHIN/FIELD/LONGMAN III (eds)
  The Lion Handbook to the Bible  -  ALEXANDER, David & Pat
Study Aids - God Word Acts: To the Ends of the Earth - 50 Undated devotions – 2 copies  -  COOK, David
  All You Need To Know About The Bible:   Book 1: Can We Trust It?  -  EDWARDS, Brian
  All You Need To Know About The Bible:   Book 2: Big Claims From A Unique Book  -  EDWARDS, Brian
  All You Need To Know About The Bible:   Book 3: Have We Got The Right Books?  -  EDWARDS, Brian
  All You Need To Know About The Bible:   Book 4: A Journey From Then To Now  -  EDWARDS, Brian
  All You Need To Know About The Bible:   Book 5: Sense As Well As Faith  -  EDWARDS, Brian
  All You Need To Know About The Bible:   Book 6: Enjoy Your Bible!     -  EDWARDS, Brian
  Bible Overview  -  LEVY, Steve 
  Bible Promises made easy  -  WATER, Mark
  Bible Study made easy  -  WATER, Mark
  Christians Confronting Crisis: Study Guide  -  GAUSS, James
  Ezekiel: For His Glory - 49 Undated devotions – 2 copies  -  LAU, Peter
  Why 27?  -  EDWARDS, Brian H.
  Windows of Truth  -  JEFFERY, Peter
Theology A Summary of Christian Doctrine  -  BERKHOF, Louis
  Aspects of Holiness    -  RYLE, J. C. 
  Be Sure What You Believe: The Christian Faith Simply Explained  -  NESOM, Joe
  Bitesize Theology  -  JEFFERY, Peter
  Counterfeit Miracles  -  WARFIELD, B. B.
  Creative Pocket Handbook of Christian Truth  -  BEWES, Richard & HICKS, Robert
  From Fear to Faith  -  LLOYD-JONES, D.M. 
  'Fundamentalism' and the Word of God  -  PACKER, J. I.
  God Chose to Save  -  BIANCHI, Joseph M.
  God's Riches: A work-book on the Doctrines of  Grace  -  BENTON, John & PEET, John
  Great God of Wonders: The Attributes of God  -  JEFFERY, Peter
  Great Power: Exploring the Character of God  -  PACKER, J. I
  Heaven  -  WILLIAMS, Gwynn
  Heaven and Hell  -  DONNELLY, Edward
  Heaven is a Far Better Place  -  DAVIES, Eryl
  Hosea: His Redeeming Love -  31 Undated devotions  -  GIBB, David 
  Humble Calvinism  -  MEDDERS, J.A.
  Incomparable:Explorations in the Character of God  -  WILSON, Andrew
  Is Hell For Ever?  -  EDWARDS, Brian
  Know Your God  -  ROBERTS, Linleigh
  Knowing God  -  PACKER, J. I.
  Living Holiness: Willing to be the Legs of a Galloping Horse  -  ROSEVEARE, Helen 
  Living Holiness: Willing to be the Third Side of a Triangle  -  ROSEVEARE, Helen 
  Luther and the 95 Theses     -  BROWNELL, Kenneth
  No Holiness, No Heaven!  -  ALDERSON, Richard
  Nothing but the Truth  -  EDWARDS, Brian H.
  Our Perfect God: A Summary of the Attributes of God  -  SHENTON, Tim
  Sermons of the Great Ejection  -  VARIOUS 
  Sermons on the Last Days  -  SPURGEON, C. H.
  The Christian In Complete Armour- 3 Vols.(Abridged)  -  GURNALL, William 
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  The Word of Truth: Scripture, its Origin, Sufficiency and Relevance  -  SHEEHAN, Robert J.
  What the Bible Teaches About Heaven  -  ELLSWORTH, Roger
  What the Bible Teaches about the Trinity  -  OLYOTT, Stuart
Women A Woman’s Search for Serenity  -  TCHIVIDJIAN, Gigi 
  A Young Woman After God’s Own Heart  -  GEORGE, Elizabeth 
  Compared to Her: How to Experience True Contentment  -  DeWITT, Sophie
  God's Design for Women  -  JAMES, Sharon
  Naomi: A Woman to follow  -  WALLIS, Eileen
  Old Wives’ Tales: 21st Century Lessons from the Lives of 18th Century Women  -  HEATH-WHYTE, Clare
  True Grit: Women Taking on the World, for God’s Sake  -  MEROFF, Deborah 
  What Women Really Want/Need  -  RAMSEY, Lesley 
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