What is happening? 

During Covid-19 restrictions, we are using YouTube to broadcast our Sunday morning and midweek meetings, addition other meetings are being held on Zoom.
10.30am Morning Service at Little Hill Church Building also Click here to watch the Live stream on YouTube
                If you wish to attend the morning services in October                Click here
                If you wish to attend the morning services in November            Click here
                Things to know before you attend the service                               Click here

3.45pm   Lion's Cubs - Zoom for Kids.

5.30pm   Afternoon service, over Zoom - a meeting invite will be sent out before 5.15pm,
                please join before 5.30pm for a prompt start.
                A time of fellowship will follow the evening service.
                Click here to join the zoom meeting  - from 5.25pm - you will muted throughout the meeting.

7.30pm     Church Council Meeting - 2nd Monday each month - using use Zoom meeting
                  Click Here if you wish to attend
                  Please note that the council meeting is for church members only 

10.00am Ladies' Fellowship - we have a time for individual devotions using the materials provided by the Ladies' Fellowship.

                 If you would like to receive the devotionals, please email Margaret Kallow or use the contact form.
                 Autumn Term Programme (Click Here)
11.00am Online prayer time using Zoom.  See calendar to check on times.

10.00am SHED (Men's Fellowship) is run every two weeks, see calendar for details (online using Zoom). To join us, use the contact form.

7.20pm  Midweek Ministry - Names of Christ on YouTube.   
                The series on Names of Christ (Audio)
8.15pm  Time of prayer using Zoom.

9.00am  Prayer Focus - the 1st Saturday in every month.  - Using Zoom

The children's activity for Sunday am can be downloaded from here.


Andrew Irvine, 24/04/2020