'Christianity Explored' course

In a world of so many confusing messages, the big questions just don’t go away:

  • ‘Just what is life all about?’
  • ‘How can God allow suffering and pain?’
  • ‘Isn’t religion to blame for everything?’
  • ‘Is the Bible still relevant?’
  • ‘Who is the real Jesus?’

The aim of the Christianity Explored course is to help answer these, and many more. They all point to the Lord Jesus Christ, the one life that stands unique above every other. He said: ‘I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, no one comes to the Father except through Me’ (John 14:6), then rose from the dead to prove it. No one else has made such extraordinary claims; and millions today testify that knowing God through faith in Jesus Christ gives purpose in this life and real hope in death. 
Christianity Explored is a series of informal sessions discovering Jesus

There is plenty of opportunity to ask questions in a relaxed and informal setting.
You won't be asked to read or pray; just come with your questions...
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