Lion's Cubs 

Lion's Cubs takes place every week during the morning service, following the children’s talk.

Children aged 4 to the end of Y6 get together to learn about God and His Son, Jesus Christ, in a fully supervised, fun, and relaxed atmosphere. The time together is spent working with children in age-related activities. These include: 

  • activities to follow-up the children’s talk – these may be written or craft related,

  • quizzes and games to help remember the story,

  • varied crafts at appropriate levels,

  • singing action songs relating to the theme,

  • encouraging the children to share experiences and happenings from the previous weeks,

  • giving various small prizes for attendance and/or winning games,

  • celebration of birthdays,

  • prayer.

On their first attendance, we request that children are collected from the upstairs room by their parent /carer at the end of the main service. On other occasions, children will be escorted downstairs to re-join their parent/carer.

If you would like to know more, please get in touch using the contact form.
Andrew Irvine, 21/04/2020