What is Christianity? 

Everyone has questions; ultimately, these are the big questions of life...

  • 'Why am I here?'
  • 'How did I get here?'
  • 'What happens when I die?'
  • 'Is there life after death?'
  • 'Why is there evil and suffering in the world?'
  • 'Is there a God?'
  • 'If there is a God, how is it possible to know Him?'

Across the entire history of human civilisation, no one has ever been able to answer these truthfully and satisfactorily.

We need a revelation from someone who knows, and who can can give us the answers. This is God, who is the source of everything, who gave you life, who has spoken through His Word (the Bible), and ultimately come to us in the Person of Jesus Christ.

And it is much more than a revelation - it is a relationship with God Himself through His Son, Jesus Christ. This is Christianity.

What is Christianity? This will take you to an online video which explains the good news about Jesus.

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If you would like a copy of the Bible, John's Gospel (one of the eye-witness records of Jesus Christ), or some helpful literature on any of the above questions, we would be happy to get these to you. Just get in touch using the Contact Us link.

Andrew Irvine, 22/04/2020