Since 2018, Dr Lesley Rowe, one of the church members, has been giving an annual series of lectures on church history matters, both local and national.
Details of forthcoming lectures can be found under Events and Calendar.

Ardent Alice - a Historical Talk by Dr Lesley Rowe (download)
Ardent Alice - a Historical Talk by Dr Lesley Rowe
Dr Lesley Rowe, 02/02/2021
Ordinary People: Extraordinary God 3 (download)
The work of grace in the life of Charles Doe
Dr Lesley Rowe, 21/09/2020
Ordinary People: Extraordinary God 2 (download)
The Miraculous Deliverance of William Okeley
Dr Lesley Rowe, 22/06/2020
God's Visitation: Leicestershire and the Plague of 1625-26 (download)
Church history Lectures 2020
Dr Lesley Rowe, 27/04/2020
Ordinary People: Extraordinary God 1 (download)
The Twelve Jewels of Susanna Bell
Dr Lesley Rowe, 02/03/2020
Continuing Reformation Matters 3 (download)
Separating: John Smyth (c.1563-1612) and others– The visible communion of Saints.
Dr Lesley Rowe, 23/09/2019
Continuing Reformation Matters 2 (download)
Going: Francis Higginson (1586-1630) and John Cotton (1585-1652) – East Midlands’ removal men
Dr Lesley Rowe, 29/04/2019
Continuing Reformation Matters 1 (download)
Staying: Arthur Hildersham of Ashby-de-la-Zouch (1563-1632) – Counting the cost of conscience
Dr Lesley Rowe, 25/02/2019
Reformation Matters 3 (download)
Establishing the Reformation: Anthony Gilby (c.1510-1585) – from Geneva to Ashby-de-la-Zouch
Dr Lesley Rowe, 17/09/2018
Reformation Matters 2 (download)
Suffering for the Reformation: Hugh Latimer (c.1485-1555) and other Leicestershire martyrs
Dr Lesley Rowe, 21/05/2018
Reformation Matters 1 (download)
Anticipating the Reformation: John Wycliffe (c.1330-1384) and the Leicestershire Lollards
Dr Lesley Rowe, 26/02/2018




Andrew Irvine, 29/04/2020